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EDGE Technology aims to mainstream green buildings and help fight climate change.

The ADHI sustainable construction method is a patented system that uses modular parts, pre-made in a factory, for "plug-and-play" construction.

Our materials ensure comfort, performance and accessibility while optimising the construction cost per square meter. They also respond to the challenges of sustainable construction, efficient management of resources and climate change.

SPEED | The ease-of-use of our materials and the pre-assembly in the factory considerably shorten the execution and completion time of a project.

LIGHTWEIGHT | The lightness of our materials facilitate transport and handling while reducing the amount of labour required at the job site.

RESISTANCE | While our construction materials are lighter than others, they are nonetheless very durable, are fire- and humidity-resistant and provide sound and thermal insulation.

ENERGY EFFICIENT | Our construction materials' insulation characteristics keep heat and humidity out, maintaining a cool interior.

RESPONSIBLE | Our construction materials are recyclable and therefore have a low impact on the environment. ADHI-Rwanda also promotes responsible waste management at construction sites.

COMFORT & AESTHETICS | Our solutions improve air quality, manage light and acoustic comfort. The modular structure allows architectural flexibility in the design and guarantees more choice and aesthetics.

  • Cold Formed Steel

LIGHT STEEL FRAME | Steel construction products are usually heavy and bulky. However, the ADHI construction system uses cold formed steel in the construction frames in order to create unique construction profiles. These profiles are economical and far more durable than wooden frames; their sturdiness and stability also lend to far easier work on the part of the builders.

CEMENT FIBER | In modern architecture, the use of fiber cement panels is becoming an increasingly popular option. It is a unique compound of natural fibers bonded securely in a high-grade silicate structure. Fiber cement is a highly durable product that is rated to last for decades. This smooth panel, made of wood grains, acquires impressive resistance, but remains flexible and highly stable. Fiber cement boards are not only practical, but aesthetically pleasing as well. There are several models of finishes available which enable innovative styles. This makes it possible to achieve beautiful architectural designs on the facades and walls of buildings.

SELF-LOCKING GALVANIZED STEEL SHEETS | Our galvanized treated steel sheet sheets combine increased durability and low maintenance. Cold foldable, they are supplied according to the surface and the length to be covered. They fit together easily by self-locking clipping and without visible screws to form unique pieces. This feature ensures that our roofs are perfectly watertight and provide excellent water flow with an integrated recovery system. Unlike conventional sheets, they are resistant to fire, termites and mold. In addition, anti-rust and anti-humidity properties give them better anti-corrosion protection. Apart from their prepainting, a customizable lacquered finish (available in many colours) gives them more aesthetics and refinement.

MODULO GEOPLAST | Made of 100% recycled plastic, the modulo is a modular form-work system consisting of a raft foundation without deep excavation, the single casting of the beams and the slab and allowing the creation of a physical barrier between the ground and the building. The empty space created under MODULO leads to a simpler installation of electrical networks and plumbing while facilitating sanitary ventilation. A structure that does not rest directly on the ground benefits from significant advantages in terms of health and protection of the building against humidity and the rise of radon gas, compared to traditional foundation systems.

POLITERM BLU | Unlike traditional concrete, we use lightweight concrete which has a considerably lower density. This mass reduction varying between 200 kg / m3 and 1500 kg / m3, is obtained by reducing traditional aggregates such as gravel in favour of the addition of Politerm Blu. These polystyrene balls lead to a lightening of the structure of up to 90%. This procedure makes it possible to produce easily transportable concrete blocks as well as the vertical rise of a building without reinforcing the support structure. beforehand. Our Politerm Blu lightweight concrete is considered to be an excellent sound and heat insulator. Therefore, its use is particularly suitable in the design of dry screed, walls or slabs.

ALUCOBOND | For aesthetics, Alucobond is a material that adapts perfectly to the profile of buildings and thus creates dynamic silhouettes in the sky. It stands out for its workability, flatness, stability and resistance to bad weather, due to its composite structure.

Houses can be built on unusual and steep terrain.

The construction of houses with a steel structure is less expensive by 40%.

Construction work is carried out at least 5 times faster than usual construction work.

The light-weight nature of the construction and the firmness of the material these houses are resistant to earthquakes and high landslide activities.

Houses are ecologically sound, can be recycled and are very energy efficient.

There exists the permanent option of easily changing the architecture of a house or expanding it with little further cost.

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