About Us


At ADHI, we believe that innovation is the most important driving factor of sustainable growth. We are therefore always researching new and improved methods of construction, in order to keep up with the changing needs of the communities we serve. Through the process of discovery, engineering and transformation, our diverse team of experts have created a now patented system of sustainable construction that is both environmentally-friendly and economical. We utilise this innovative technology in building modern and affordable homes.

Strength in numbers

Each of the initiatives in which we are involved is the result of a partnership or collaboration.

Rather than acting alone or in competition, ADHI acts as a unifying force, and strategically engages expertise, experience and an optimal capacity for bringing together complementary local and global partners. Our group promotes synergistic actions in order to drive all projects to optimal completion.

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EDGE Technology aims to mainstream green buildings and help fight climate change.

Innovation, collaboration & growth

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