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ADHI-Rwanda brings new meaning to affordable housing, with patented technology and upscale design.

Kigali, Rwanda

Modern homes for a growing city

Our Affordable Homes at the brand new Bwiza Riverside Development include different sleek designs for buyers to choose from, with varying sizes and features.

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Revolutionary Building Technology

ADHI-Rwanda’s patented building system creates strong and safe homes, affordably.

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Modular System

Our method of construction is based on a patented system of modular parts, which ensures timely completion of all projects.


While our construction materials are lighter than others, they are nonetheless very durable, are fire- and humidity-resistant and provide sound and thermal insulation.

Energy Efficient

Our construction materials' insulation characteristics keep heat and humidity out, maintaining a cool interior.


Our construction materials are recyclable and therefore have a low impact on the environment. ADHI-Rwanda also promotes responsible waste management at construction sites.

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Good for the environment & economy

ADHI-Rwanda promotes construction materials and methods that help build the economy and protect the environment

Our Company

Established in 2011, still growing stronger.

The ADHI Corporate Group was established in 2011, with innovation, collaboration and empowerment being its founding principles. Since then ADHI has remained focused on improving not only construction techniques, but the entire building process itself – all while benefiting the community.

General Questions

While we have placed considerable focus on building houses to provide affordable homes for residents of Rwanda, we also offer construction services and materials for all other building projects. 

Yes! Our model homes are located in Karama, Nyarugenge. Visit the Apply Now page to book a visit.

Take a look at our Apply Now page for all the relevant information.

Absolutely! Our construction materials and methods make our homes ideal for warm, humid and rainy climates. Please visit our Technology page to learn more.

Our Government Partners

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8,000 beautiful homes in 5 years

ADHI-Rwanda, in collaboration with the GoR, will construct more than 8,000 homes in Kigali, Rwanda by 2026.

Contact us today to find out about applying to purchase a brand new, modern and affordable home!