Photos courtesy of: Rwanda Housing Authority (RHA)

A New Platform to Inform

In November 2022 the Rwanda Housing Authority (RHA) embarked on a country-wide awareness campaign to disseminate information about the Affordable Housing Scheme.

ADHI Rwanda, developers of affordable homes at Bwiza Riverside Estate, have accompanied the RHA to several presentations, providing key information to potential buyers of the affordable homes. 

Presentations have been organised for groups of employees from selected companies, and have included information regarding the Affordable Housing Scheme, how a buyer can qualify, and estates currently providing affordable houses to eligible buyers. 

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The Affordable Housing Scheme, as developed by the Government of Rwanda (GoR), aims to provide quality housing to low income earners in Rwanda at affordable prices. Together with the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD), the RHA have created the IWANJYE platform where potential buyers can register to qualify as verified buyers. After qualifying, buyers are eligible to take advantage of the exceptional mortgage interest rate of 11% with participating banks, in order to finance their affordable homes.

Currently, eligible buyers can apply for their affordable Bwiza Riverside Estate home mortgage through the following participating banks: Bank of Kigali, Bank of Africa, NCBA, Zigama CSS and BPR.

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