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Kigali, Rwanda

The First Community of its Kind

The brand new Bwiza Riverside Homes Community will be the first of its kind in Rwanda. Bringing together people from all walks of life in a modern, contemporary and environmentally-friendly development is at the core of the project, along with a sense of friendship and mutual respect. 

The Bwiza Riverside Homes Community will include a pre-school, small general store, community center and gardens for residents to enjoy.

Properties at Bwiza Riverside

The houses at the brand new Bwiza Riverside Development include six different sleek designs for buyers to choose from, with varying sizes and features. 

PROPERTY TYPE 1 - Affordable*

IVY | 43 sqm

PROPERTY TYPE 2 - affordable*

LILY | 65 sqm

PROPERTY TYPE 3 - affordable*

RUBY | 72 sqm

PROPERTY TYPE 4 - affordable*

*** SOLD OUT ***

JADE | 90 sqm

PROPERTY TYPE 5 - premium*

SOFIA | 93 sqm +

PROPERTY TYPE 6 - Premium**

UMURINGA | 150 sqm

*AFFORDABLE HOMES: To purchase, follow the procedure at

**PREMIUM HOMES: To purchase, please contact Century Real Estate

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