Frequently Asked Questions

Here we provide answers to some of the most frequently-asked questions about the affordable homes at Bwiza Riverside:

The very first step is to register and qualify as a buyer. To do this, visit the IWANJYE page and continue with the registration process. Should you qualify, you will receive an email notification.

Then you can proceed with the rest of the buying process described here.

Marital status (Marriage or celibacy) certificate; Salary certificate for those employed, or last 6 months bank account statement for those who are self-employed.

Household monthly net income should not exceed Frw 1.2 million, in order to qualify as a buyer.

If your household income is higher than the allowed income cap for the affordable homes, you can consider buying one of the luxury home models. Find out about them here.

Family income (husband and wife).

Yes, all Rwandese citizens can apply via IWANJYE. 

The affordable homes are available to Rwandese citizens only; however, non-citizens can still purchase the luxury homes.

This is not essential, no – as long as you have qualified as an affordable home buyer, you can also buy the home in cash.

No; to take a look at all optional extras, please download the catalogue.

Yes. After you have visited the Bwiza Riverside model homes and selected the type you would like to purchase, you will be required to complete a Reservation Form and pay a non-refundable booking fee of Rwf 75,000. You will then complete the purchasing process and pay the balance (home sale price minus the booking fee).

Children of Rwandese parents can assist their parents in buying an affordable home by helping with funds. However, the legal owner of the property, regardless of country of residence, will need to have proof of Rwandese citizenship and will need to register and qualify through IWANJYE.

Yes – it is your property to alter as you wish.


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