ADHI Supports Community with Mutuelle de Santé

On 5 September 2022, the Chairman of ADHI, Mr Soleman Idd, presented 50 families with their Mutuelle de Santé commencement.

Mutuelle de Santé is the more commonly-known name for the GoR’s Community Based Health Insurance (CBHI). The CBHI was initially established in order to help people with low income access medical care at affordable cost.

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ADHI Rwanda is currently building an affordable housing estate (Bwiza Riverside) in Karama, Nyabugogo, and will now be helping to support the surrounding community by paying for the Mutuelle de Santé for fifty families. Members of the CBHI scheme receive primary medical care from health centers or from a health post anywhere in the country. With exception of emergency cases, a patient benefits from medical care of health facilities of superior category if he or she has a transfer note.

When community members receive better healthcare, they are better able to make economic progress due to sustained health that enables a person to work hard to improve and maintain reasonable economic development and standard of living.

The CBHI is managed by the Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB). Read more about this health scheme by clicking here.